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A New Year - a New Brand - ePN is Now Atero

Posted by Jennifer Decker on Jan 19, 2018 8:27:01 AM

We’re Excited to Announce that ePN is Rebranding!

Today is a big day in the future of ePN.

Why are we Rebranding?

We’re rolling out a new branding effort to reflect ePN’s evolution and, more importantly, the needs of our customers. ePN has evolved into a service that removes the friction from B2B  product data management and online selling. We are now the first global marketplace for B2B2B commerce.

Blog Photo_Revolution.jpgThat’s where our re-brand comes in. Today, we’re rolling out a new brand, logo, company name, and much more.

Meet Atero.

The first change you’ll notice is our new name – Atero. Latin for “frictionless,” the name captures what we’re all about. Although our old name served us well for a few years, we want to better reflect our approach and uniqueness.

Atero creates the environment for manufactures, reps, and dealers to all come together. Atero’s knowledge for the industry and expertise for the digital world empowers businesses to enrich their professional relationships while adding the digital element that end buyers want.

Atero enables the automation of the sales process, increases transactional volumes, overlays existing business processes, and keeps the subject-matter experts doing what they do best.

The Revolution.

The truth is that online selling is gaining ground for B2B markets. Convenience and evolving buyer behavior are two factors driving B2B buyers online. Business buyers want to replicate their consumer shopping experiences. They want automation, online storefronts, price transparency, and real-time order visibility.

Even though the end user wants to buy online, there are many industries still operating on pen and paper, believe it or not . We, at Atero, are proud to be the only platform that solves these challenges to create a “frictionless” buying and selling experience across B2B selling models.


Next, you’ll see a change in our messaging. We think it will more accurately mirror how we help manufacturers and dealers sell more – and more efficiently – by streamlining the flow of accurate product information from the beginning to the end of the buying cycle.

The power of streamlining B2B sales and marketing is why we named ourselves Atero.

Here’s how we do it:

  • It’s all in the data – Manufacturer data is disorganized, fragmented, and voluminous. Atero is the leader and owner of large amounts of manufacturer data, with years of data collection, digitization, and organization.
  • Collaboration is key– Atero connects manufacturers, sales reps, designers, and dealers to end buyers, while bringing the expertise required and the online shopping experience desired by simply overlaying our platform to your existing workflows for minimal disruption.
  • Online shopping increases volume. That’s a fact– End buyers can shop like a consumer, yet buy on existing and established terms. They buy whenever and wherever they want and utilize an auto-reorder bot. This increases volumes significantly.  

Let us know what you think. Browse our website to learn more, or please contact us for a demo today.

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